Other Activities

In 1999 we started selling Christmas trees through fundraisers to help different non-profit organizations generate extra funds. These organizations love the change from the standard methods of door to door sales, or raffle tickets. Our company has been supplying to an association for 8 years now. They have reached success in local areas and have now expanded their sales as far as Calgary, AB.

We offer the freshest Christmas trees available. The trees are grown in Nova Scotia and specifically raised as Christmas trees. They are pruned to a perfect shape, cut, baled and shipped for delivery. Throughout this process the trees are never exposed to the sun and wind keeping them as fresh as possible.

Our trees are predominantly balsam fir, which is the most aromatic species. Also available are white and red pine. Sizes are between 5 to 10 feet and, if you are really into the Christmas spirit, you can order up to 13 feet! Note that the larger trees are very wide at the base.  

Wreaths are also available - they are beautifully hand-made and decorated with red or burgundy ribbons.